Bulldog FAQ
Do Bulldogs slobber?
Bulldogs do not slobber any more than other breeds. They do tend to slobber after they drink out of the water bowl.
Are Bulldogs aggressive?
No, Bulldogs are known for having great temperaments. They are great with kids and other animals.
What’s that smell?
Bulldogs are well known flatulence. A good dog food and balanced diet will help with flatulence but it will not eliminate.
Do Bulldogs shed?

Yes, Bulldogs shed year round. Their coats are straight, short, flat and of fine texture. If brushed everyday, the amount of shedding will be reduced.
Can I take my Bulldogs on runs?
Bulldogs are a brachycephalic (short nosed) breed and cannot go on long runs. Their stamina are more similar to sprinters than long distance runners. Like all dogs, Bulldogs require daily exercise such a nice walk.
Can Bulldogs swim?
NO! Bulldogs cannot swim; many have been lost when left unattended around pools.
Are Bulldogs sensitive to heat?
Bulldogs are extremely sensitive to heat and are prone to heat strokes if left in hot temperatures.
Can Bulldogs be kept as an outside dog?
No, Bulldogs are housedogs only! They are a breed that enjoys companionship and constant interaction with humans and other dogs.
Do Bulldogs snore?
Yes, Bulldogs are brachycephalic (short nosed) so they do tend to snore.
Why are Bulldogs so expensive?
We tell everyone that the cheapest part about being a Bulldog owner is when you purchase your Bulldog. Due to the structure of Bulldogs most Bulldogs in the US are bred by artificial insemination, surgical implant, or transcervical implant. Puppies are frequently delivered by caesarean section because of their characteristically large heads can become lodged un the mother’s birth canal during natural birth. Puppies are hand raised until approximately 4 weeks to ensure that do not get crushed accidentally by their mothers.
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