Finding a Puppy - Helpful Advice

Don't Be Fooled – Common Mistakes Puppy Buyers Make.
There are many myths about Bulldogs. Don't be fooled by the newspaper, internet or pet store. Be sure to do your homework and know where you are purchasing your puppy from. Beware of these common mistakes:
- BE PATIENT! Never buy a puppy on impulse or as a Christmas present. Everyone gets excited when they make the decision to get a new puppy, but please be patient and educate yourself on the breed and breeders. If you find a breeder that you are comfortable with, work with them to get just the right dog for yourself.
- Do your homework! The best place to start is with the Bulldog Club of America. .There you can find information on the breed, breeder referrals, and other helpful tips.
- Cheaper is not always better! There will be a difference between the $1,500 puppy in the paper and the $3,500 one from a reputable breeder. Good breeders aim to improve the breed, have sound temperaments, and guarantee health. Puppies are a lot of work and the first 3 months of their life are some of the most critical times for shaping temperament.
- Please stay away from pet stores and big internet operations! No ethical dog breeders will sell to a pet store because ethical breeders want to be the ones to screen the homes to which their puppies go. The puppies in pet stores are acquired from puppy mills through brokers. You have no way to know where your puppy came from, what the parents are like, if there were any health issues in the lines, etc....
- Rare Bulldogs. There is no such thing as a “miniature” Bulldog. A pure bred bulldogs should not weigh less than 40lbs. Blue eyed Bulldogs and Tri-color Bulldogs (with Black Spots) are disqualification traits in the breed standard. Dogs carry these traits should not be use as breeding stock or promoted as “rare.”
- Ask to see the parents. If the breeder cannot, or will not, show you one of the parents you should be careful. Ask about pedigrees, temperaments, and general health. A good breeder will take the time to discuss all of these topics with you and answer any questions that you may have.
- Go with your gut feeling. If you sense that something may not be right, it probably is not!
Questions to ask a breeder before buying a puppy from him....
Are your Puppies A.K.C. Registered?
Do you have the litter Registration forms now?
Do you have a Pedigree available for me to see or have.
How Long have you been breeding Bulldogs? (if only a short period of time, from where or whom did you learn about bulldogs?)
How many litters have you raised?
How many litters has this bitch produced?
Are the sire or dam on your premises for me to see? (you should see at least the dam)
Have your pups been check for entropian?
Are you a member of any recognized Bulldog clubs?
What food are you feeding the pups?
Where does the breeder keep his Bulldogs, Inspect their living conditions.
Do you have a sales and/or breeders contract?
What type of health guarantee do you offer?
Do you provide some type of "Care Package of Instructions", to help me care for my new puppy?
How is the puppy being sold, Limited or full registration, and/or a spay/neuter contract?
Do you have a record of the shots, med's, Vet visits, etc., that the pups have had?
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