Pedigree Name: Surf City's She Has Got The Look
| Call Name: Roxette...we call her Roxy |
| Breeders & Owners: Richard Truong, Suzanne Stephens, Julie Babcock |
Roxy has amazing the flare in her personality that is just meant for the show ring.
She is a very flashy marked girl and represents very good type.
Her pedigree is amazing which includes such greats as:
Ch. Marinebull's All the Way, Ch. Adamant Warlock, Ch. Little Ponds Chief, Ch. Cherokee Legend Rock, Ch. Cherokee Legend Pretty Boy
CH Hetherbull TopLine O-O CH Zotoluco (Villanueva) CH Cherokee Legend Rock
Fiona (Villanueva)
Hetherbull TopLine Talk about me CH Marinebull's All The Way
CH Hetherbull Arrogant Vivi
CH Surf City's Picture Perfect CH Adamant Warlock CH Cherokee Legend Pretty Boy
Adamant Staypuft Marshmallow
Schlott Omegas Gracie CH Omega's Wanna Talk About Me
CH Omega's Georgia Schlott
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